Client Feedback


Hi Michael

I want to ensure you that your good deeds have not gone undone, and I am eternally grateful for your help and going above and beyond the call. You definitely have given honor to the profession, and I admire your compassion, tenacity, but most importantly, your true desire to seek justice for.

Respectfully yours,

C.C., Long Island, N.Y.

Mr. Kohler
My family and I are very grateful to you. Thanks for the excellent job you did; we can embrace this dream that became true now. You have no idea how many fears, concerns, suffering, thinking about being deported, rejected, etc were going through my mind, until you made me believe that it was possible!

We have no words to express ourselves how grateful we are, to the excellence and professionalism of your job.

C.C., Long Island, N.Y.

C.A., Queens

“I have been struggling with immigration problems for 13 years. If it wasn’t for Mr. Kohler it would have been more… When I first went to Mr. Kohler I felt there was a sense of hope. He explained everything to me step by step, he always responded to my emails and calls. He’s very understanding. He is not one of those lawyers who has the dollar signs in their eyes all the time he actually cares. Because of him my family and I are permanent residents in less than 4 months. Even though the distance is far from where I live it was all worth it. If anyone out there who needs immigration help I fully recommend Mr. Kohler because my case was very “unique”. I am grateful to him for what he has done for my family and I and can never forget that or him.”

C.A., Queens, N.Y., February 2013